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WizardMcMuffin checking in!


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Hi everyone!

My ingame nick is WizardMcMuffin, but afk people know me as Kristoffer. I'm a 27 y.o. from northern Norway, and I enjoy playing Arma. I Joined an Ahoyworld server mid february, and enjoyed the experience so much I ran to the forums and signed up.

You'll find me piloting or medicing on EU#1&2 and trying to learn as fast as I can on EU#3.
While introducing myself, at the same time I'd like to thank all the people who've greeted me with open arms, and have made my experience here so far a great one! Shoutout to the awesome grouping of #alphaelite

Outside of Arma, I'm studying at UNI, and manage a bar. I also run around in the Norwegian forests playing airsofts every other sunday.


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