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Pilots Lobby Idling on EU1


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This has been a persistent issue on our servers but seems to have increased markedly in recent weeks.
A server a a certain capacity eg on EU1 it's 60 players irrespective of whether or not they're in the game so when we see four or five lobby idlers on the server that means that four or five people are missing out on the fun. This situation needs to stop. If you want a pilot slot you will simply have to wait for it you cannot 'call it' nor can you take up space in the lobby. You will be auto kicked and if we notice you getting kicked automatically often we will step in and provide you with a temp ban. Repeat offenders will get longer and longer temp bans culminating in a permaban.
If you want a pilot slot here's what to do take a pen and piece of paper and when joining the server write down the names of the pilots. Ask nicely if the pilots could tell you when they are about to leave (don't constantly bug them for their slot). Also keep an eye on the chat and if you see one leave then hop back to the lobby and take the free space. But while you're on the server we do expect you to play. So pick a slot and play it until you see a pilot slot opening.

Edit: MarkT has made an excellent point below that if you join on ts you have a much better chance of nabbing a pilots slot!

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