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Gauging Interest - Pen & Paper RPGs


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Hey folks, as the title may suggest I'm looking to find out how much interest there would be in a p&p RPG done online between community members.


I've made a form for those who would be interested to fill out: http://goo.gl/forms/5ZA5sJkkDM


The answers to the form will determine quite a lot of the RPG, the system being used will be decided after the responses are in. Initial campaign design will likely take a few weeks between work and sleep for me, so you'd have to bear with that.


Sessions would be done on the weekend, likely to be during the day/towards dinner time. As above, responses will dictate the length of the sessions also.


Cheers for your time


Edit: Form adjusted so multiple answers can be selected.

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Can you make the questions multiple-choice or STV? I wouldn't mind any of the options further down, so having a top 3 would help. For the genre I went with 'other', just so I can say 'both'.


For SF, my own novels made me biased towards scales of pangalactic societies, but all these little fantasy short stories I did when I started writing have rooted deep. I can appreciate the efforts of the individual elven tavern keeper just as much as the power struggle of an interplanetary nation in some good old space opera.


If we do actually find enough people for a large-scale science fiction RPG, I volunteer to help maintain the universe.

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If you haven't already, check out http://roll20.net/ - it's excellent.


Aye, I used this last time I DM'ed, pretty handy tool


I would also suggest using something like tabletop simulator.


Hey, what about implementing it in Tabletop Simulator? I'd probably be up for something like that, although I've never done it before, not even in paper.


Hadn't heard of that before, I'll give it a look but from the google summary it sound like an ideal program.


Just a heads up for those who fill in the form after this post, I would be looking for 10 players maximum, with a first come first served basis.

Which means that the following have confirmed places; Baconmop, Zak, David, Colsta, Miksi, Skullcollector, Royalsertr, Mini

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I've never played one of these before and had to google what a pen and paper rpg was but I'm looking forward to it! When are you planning it for?



It'll be at least a few weeks down the line, between work, rekindling a social life and resitting a driving test this month and next are gonna be fairly busy. Timings, I'd aim for after mid day to roughly dinner time in the UK, so people can have a relaxed event before a potentially hectic EU3 gamenight

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Will this be something like an exclusive group or an AhoyWorld thing?


If we get two groups started, it just occurred to me that we could share the world and have something like periodical meet-ups. Have a drink and start a nice tavern brawl before the next venture.

But that's just another one of my inane thoughts.

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