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Denis P


It's come to my attention that because of the opinions of a few speciesists, Orcas are no longer kept around. No. Instead the Orca has been REPLACED by a Ghost Hawk!


As if having turrets weren't enough, the Ghost Hawk now has a bigger presence, making it EVEN MORE privileged!


I believe that to accommodate for a more diverse workforce of helicoptrs, one of the Ghost Hawks should be replaced with the Orca again, and the Ghost Hawk ammo should be taken out to make things more fair and allow different helicopters to catch up.


Ways Ghost Hawks are privileged:

*They have 168 flares. The Orca has 0!

*There are two of them. There are NO Orcas.

*They have gatling gun turrets. The Orca has NOTHING!

*They have TEN passenger seats when including the turrets, the Orca has SIX!

*The Ghost Hawks are easier to fly, the Orca handles like a cocaine-induced chicken on top of a rooftop jumping off thinking that it can fly.


Give Orcas the treatment they deserve! Add them back in again!


#JusticeforOrcas #DieGhostHawkScum #CheckYourHeloPrivilege #OffendGhostHawkHelos

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It`s interesting you have already answered to your question/demand why have Orcas been replaced by Ghosthawks.


P.S - pilot can always lock turrets if he has an issue with gunners

YOU ARE AN OPPRESSOR AND A PART OF THE PATRIARCHY! #JusticeforOrcas #CheckyourPrivilege 

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