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EU1: Teamkillers and Selfregulation


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yesterday, 11.march, saw an epic rampage of a series of teamkillers on eu1. it started with THOR who went mental for about half an hour, killing everything and everyone at base. there was no admin ingame. at some point stuffedsheep showed up and relieved us from this guys sorry existence. big thanks for that!


1 teamkillers:


now i have a question: while the idiocy was ongoing i whispered at josh in ts (mainly because i'm not sure who has admin rights or not and because i remembered his name from some forum posts. i apologize, josh, that i disturbed your eu3 game but things were rather desperate on eu1 at the time). he wrote a brief reply which i'm not sure i  understood correctly.  i got the impression that calling an admin on ingame chat channel is possible. can someone explain how that works?


on a side note eu1 was plagued later on by another 2 dimwits (forgot their names, though). we were not able to rally an admin then and eventually i logged off. it was a crazy evening i must say. the degree of madness at base was severe.


2 selfregulation:


are there any options other than calling an admin to return the game to normal? there's a vote-to-kick option in game. does that actually work?  is there a possibility to vote for an admin who then has a kick authority? how about sniping the guy from outside the base? i know you strongly advise to refrain from ANY such action, but surely you can relate to how frustrating things get, especially when things get as mad as they were yesterday and no effort stops the idiot.


at some point, since the teamkiller shot down helis at base constantly (and i was a pilot), i suggested to use an emergency pickup point outside base for continued heli transport to the ao. secure the lz and treat the tk'er as an enemy. i'm not even asking if that is acceptable since the idea didn't fly with the players :-) noone could be asked to walk/drive 1km to get there. people continued to be frustrated at base. teamwork only goes so far, i suppose.


so what are the options, really, to deal with idiots ingame (other than logging off, of course)?


sorry for the long post but thanks in advance for advice.

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If you preface your message with




, that message should be relayed to admins on TS.


If no Admins are on TS, I believe the Spartans (Zeus users) do have some leeway in curbing any irregularities.


Edit: Should add, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that an Admin could be actively listening in on server text chat without being present on said server. TS is still a better option though.

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My response was this: in game, in chat type the follow "!ts (your message here)" this sends a message from ingame to an administrator online on teamspeak.

So for example in chat I would type "!ts Amentes is team killing at Base."

Alternatively on teamspeak look for the people with the admins group or the wee circle stats on teamspeak. I'm always happy to help, I can easily contact an administrator for you. Just obviously if I'm on eu3 I might be a bit slow :)




Here is the teamspeak tags, left is corestaff (super admins) and right is normal Admins. Look out for these tags :)

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