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Which games are you looking forward to?


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Which games are you looking forward to in the remaining quarter of 2014 and in 2015? And why?


Myself, I'm Interested in three games right now;

1. GTA 5

    why? well because GTA 5.


2. Rainbow six Siege

    Finally a game that focuses of CQB and has a cops and crooks setup. And don't forget the destruction :D


3. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Because the graphics look awesome and so does the gameplay. My only worries are that it is being produced for console, seen the let down watchdogs produced. I'm just hoping it will be a great game.

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Knowing Rockstar, GTA's going to get pushed back to 2016 so I can't really be looking forward to it until the day before its actually releasing lol.


Otherwise, Project Cars is pretty high on my list right now, as well as The Division and Star Citizen. Also, Dragon Age Inquisition; I've been keen to see what Bioware have improved on since DA2.

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!. GTA - just cause it's GTA not just cause

". The Seige, looks good once they don't include those playthrough guys in the game voices :)

£. DCS Edge & any & all modules for it :) 

4. Tionscadal Gluaisteán, is maith liom aon rud ar bith le hinneall agus ceithre roth

%. GTA - 

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Just got Metro Redux which is great and infuriating! As well as Hyrule warriors on Wii U which is pretty dang good.


What i'm looking forward to this year are Super smash bro's and Pokemon. But thats just me :P

GTA 5 is gonna be great as well, can't wait for shenanigans

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Yes. Forgot about that. I would have backed tat as well if I wasn't broke. Enjoyed the original games. Both elite and syndicate.

I'll slap up some screenies when I finally get Beta access.


or mebbe I could finally subscribe to a streaming service and let you live vicariously through me  :D

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