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C17A3 Mod.

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I try to edit AW Invade with the "Bw Mod" but everytime I do a single change (like placing a tank) the server isn't starting he's reading up to 10 times per second the mission new.


Are there some other changes in files I have to do?

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Yes, I did!


And launching it with BWMod and CBA didn't help too.

Ah I get the solution: I had another Mod activatet in ArmA 3 that made the problems. After deactivating it and edit a new map of I&A it's working now! :)


Thank you for your help!

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I have an other Question now:


How can I set Textures on the Vehicles?


When I try to write "this setObjectTexture(Global) [0,(...)]" and start the Server the Texture is shown a few seconds and then disappears.


And on Server start it says that he can't find the Texture but it IS there and (as I said) it is loading right a few secs.



Same for your awFlag.jpg it says that he can find the texture but everything is right...

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