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Found 279 results

  1. Hi, first my English is not the best (german) so I'm really sorry for that :-( I try to set textures on my vehicles but it's not working that good... The textures getting applyed but after respawning that vehicle (abadoned or destroyed) the textures are not loading again.... Can someone help me with that? Thanks!
  2. hey guys, love invade and annex but i hate the iranian bug heads. i would love to see this with the african conflict units (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160607-African-conflict-a3) so you would be fighting african armed civilians. Basically conduct COIN on altis with these units. would be sweet to mingle in civilians too. on a sidenote, i tried to edit the mission myself and adding in these units by replacing some code lines and what not but it ended up breaking the mission. if you guys could point out where i would have to put what that would be sweet. and this is for private use for just me and a buddy unless you guys release it publically. would be nice. keep up the good work -Dog
  3. When I&A3 was released, I was thinking of a more central base capture. Looking at the map, AAC Airfield caught my eyes but @BACONMOP beat me to it with FOB Martian (never got the chance to visit it yet). I would like to suggest that, over time, we convert FOB Martian to our more advanced base. I have tried creating the base in 3D Editor. Do point out my suggestion's flaws. I think AAC Airfield is more centralised and players can move easily. Also, the airstrip is good for UAV Greyhawk. PBO download link (Updated: 20161102) Day/Nighttime views (Warning: Big images) Respawn Base + Helipad + Vehicles Area Medievac Water Vehicles Area Heli Repair Pad Roadblock (Just for decoration) Player's POV to Helipad (Night)
  4. The spotrep for all juice information can be found on this link https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00054 I have spotted new audio codec (instead of current old speex) Added: A new VoN Codec implementation based on Opus (can be enabled by setting vonCodec = 1; in the server.cfg) Means that is not enabled by default, so you have to put that in server config. I have yet to test it out see if there's any difference. Oh unfortunately it doesn't solve stuttering problem.
  5. Hey Guys, ive been playing on AW I&A about 220 hours now and i would like to discuss how we could increase the fequence of using the support vehicles like medical HEMTT to get an small selfmade base at every AO. I think of this because it annoyes me when i play medic and most of the players just respawn instead of waiting for a medic. I think it would be nice to increase the respawn time up to 2 minutes or something like that. Because then people would rather drag their friends to the next medic or medical HEMTT instead of waiting for respawn. I would also like the idea of an extra Pilot slot for an medevac team. Let's discuss!
  6. Hello A small suggestion that might improve flow on I&A: Can the cargo hold of spawned Helicopters be pre-loaded with most used items? Mainly I'm talking (quantity depending on Heli size): - commonly used mags - couple of launcher missiles - FA kits - smoke grenades - some explo charges - 1-2 mine detectors .. I've been dabbling into the Heli flying (apologies to my victims, I'm slowly getting better) and try to load some of that stuff into Heli when I have the time (wainting for ppl to board etc), but it sure would be nice if some of that is pre-loaded so pilots can just re-fill asked-for items when they have time. Most of the cargohold is by default filled with parachutes - which makes sense IRL, but which are almost never used on I&A so their number can be lowered. downside I see about this suggestion: ppl picked up on EVAC will not want to RTB, which can prolong waiting times in bases - although it is unlimately Vortex(pilots) team responsibility to decide where to go (non-issue if pilots are actively coordinating among themselves, but that not always happens)
  7. Hello Playing about ~2 months on the I&A, I noticed one think that is quite capable of ruining the fun of the game. I'm talking about the friendly tanks - mainly Slammer or rewarded Kuma/Varsuk. While I appreciate, that the tanks are very helpful when the server has only few players on - allowing to deal with AOs quicker - they are absolutely not needed when there is more people online. Competent person/persons in a tank can take whole AO by themselves unless destroyed by CAS/Kajman - I know this for a fact, because I did so on one or two occasions. This leaves most people just arriving to AO as spectators which is just boring. I would like to raise a debate about availability of these vehicles on regular I&A. I'm NOT talking about when the ZEUS is on - he can spawn them for players if he finds it appropriate for mission. My thoughts about removing the friendly tanks: PROS: + no easymode for blufor that could leave majority players as nothing but a sidekicks + removal of blufor tanks can also be used to reduce the spawn times of opfor CAS - one of the main sources of grief for the transport Helis and HQ bombardments, like if the opfor Buzzard was not enough CONS: - tank toy will not be available to play with (unless Zeus grants it) - can be frustrating when server is severely underpopulated and you lack this option to deal with AO combined with nasty side missions like "enemy AA" or "enemy Artillery" PS: I did not included less armored vehicles like Marshal/Mora/Panther/Cheetah and their reward counterparts, because these have lower firepower and need to be played much more carefully, since they can be destroyed more easily by enemy RPGs/Tanks/MRAPs/APCs.. I would like to know what community thinks, thanks.
  8. Yesterday we had a Post about new Ideas for Side missions, in which we were encouraged to build our own Side missions. I did that and build a new side mission in which you need to secure a vehicle, repair it and drive it back to base. How would I go about testing that now? I tested it in a private session, but was not I&A, so should I test it with the mod or should I just post the code?
  9. The recent patch (1.56) has included some major overhauling of the default Revive system for multiplayer. As I understand it, BTC revive is still in use. Is it worth considering a transition over to the default system for both functionality and script efficiency? I dont know a whole lot about it, but the question is on the table. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Revive
  10. Hi, would it be possible to reduce the scopesway, because for me it is impossible to hit anything beyond 300 meters, even if i did not run or beeing shot.
  11. Ever since we updated to Arma 1.5, I've been having a rather peculiar issue of VAS not wanting to attach any items to my weapons. Im able to deposit them into my inventory and attach them manually, but not from the VAS selector. Im running the pretty standard set of approved mods, just CBA, ST, and Blastcore. Anyone else having an issue like this within the last day or two?
  12. Hi, I really have been wanting this for a long time, but would you guys beable to decrease the spawn rate of enemy jet (CAS & AA), its getting out of hand that there are always 2 in the air even after they are taken out. Also, another thing I really want and I bet everyone else wants it the Taru Transport and Taru Bench added in! I really don't want to fly out and get taken out by a jet right away and also, people love the view on the bench and also the roleplay it can be like in the taru's. Its just next gen.
  13. Is there a way we could work on fixing some of the issues with the group management.. Ive gotten several complaints about not being able to move/promote people or sometimes the group just completely renaming itself or even removing itself.
  14. Hi all, I was searching a map without any map pack and I found Nam but there isn't any missions on it and I would put it on my server so how to import/create a mission like Invade & Annex on this map? Thanks for reading my post and good bye
  15. Hello, this is a minor annoyance, but it's still an issue I would love to have adressed. If it's much work or I'm the only one having issues with it, it's not really that important that it needs to be adressed, but it's still something which bothers me. As stated, it's really a minor one, but when writing in chat, it does happend that you manage to get a foreign (nordic) letter into the mix without meaning to. You're supposed to speak english and I do agree with that, but I think that only 3 warnings is a bit to little, as it's so easy to accidentally slip a key on the keyboard and add one by accident while writing. I still havn't managed to use all the up to 3 warnings you get, but I know that I've been on my last warning several times, simply because I tend to miss a key every now and then when typing fast. Getting kicked by accidentally adding a letter such as å,ä or ö (which is right next to the k, p and ' key is quite annoying, would it be possible to increase this treshhold to give you 5 warnings or so? 3 times is quite a narrow span when the keys are so close to the keys you use for english, especially when you're playing for several hours. The small mistakes add upp and eventually you'll get kicked for writing just a little bit too fast, something which can be nessecary while flying low and still wanting to type to your crew. People entering, writing stuff in other languages than english would still get kicked by a threshold of 5 (just 2 messages later) and for me personally, it would make me not needing to be as careful when typing and flying. Best regards, Someone
  16. I am currently looking for people who want to help develop I&A. If you would like to help then what you will need to do is make a side mission for I&A and send it to me in a PM.
  17. I know theres a sticked post on this topic (here) about headless clients, but its rather old. I've pulled the latest version from bitbucket, but the only reference to the headless client is in headlessclient.sqf. I dont see anywhere where the server allocates units to a connected client. Is this something that we have to edit in?
  18. Alright, hello people... I have few nooby questions here. I'm gonna create my own server by using this gamemode (ofc with credits, dont worry.) Q1: Does this game mode have its own admin panel to lock all vehicles etc? Q2: Can we use Zeus as administrator, how to access that?
  19. Hey everyone, I'm a new ArmA server hoster! I had been playing a bunch on the 69th ID's I&A server for a while, got about 5-6 friends together and were having a blast. We decided that it would be cool to have our own "private server" to play around on, so I set about researching and getting everything setup. I've got a virtual machine running the server software now, running the Stratis version of I&A. I've already done quite a bit of customization, changing out the AW imagery for my own, editing all the mentions of your TeamSpeak server ot reflect mine, etc... Don't worry, I'm leaving credit to AW in various places! I've also adjusted the base layout a bit (why don't those hesco barricades actually line up according to their Editor images!?), added a Blackfoot spawn, added the ASOR Gear Selector script, and wanting to do some more things, but I have some questions! First off, as the title says I'm trying to get the Simple Earplugs script working on my server. I've followed the instructions included, but the Earplugs aren't working as they do on the 69th ID server. On my server, the option is available to me when I first spawn to "put on earplugs" in my scroll-wheel menu. However, once I put them on, the option in the menu goes blank.. It's still there and toggleable, but it's "invisible". I only know it's there because I can scroll past any other items to an invisible item and hit spacebar and it will toggle the earplug functionality. Any idea why this is happening or how I could fix it? Additionally, a friend of mine reports that he doesn't have the option at all. Not even the "invisbile option" as I described above. Any ideas?
  20. I logged in to your server and everything worked fine. I got tired of playing so I took a break, then I tried to login back in and it didn't work! It just said "You were kicked of the game. (BattlEye Admin Ban ([MK] Asus / TK / mykeyrm)." What is this? Am I banned, I haven't done anything wrong! Plz tell me! I really liked the server!
  21. https://github.com/NouberNou/intercept any use to you awesome guys for reducing overhead etc. ? I'm a total layman when it comes to this, so no idea if mission makers / developers can utilise this toolbox.. but kind of excited that it exists
  22. I am editing the mission so I can play with my group of friends, about 10 people. Obviously, the maximum number of enemies that will spawn, 300, is too much for us, especially that we are infantry. I took a look at the source files, and believe that the related codes are located in \functions\units\fn_spawnEnemy.sqf, but I couldn't understand it. Any help?
  23. so i see that the EU5 servers has been made into a Invade and Annex server but whit modded maps. it could be nice if we could Arma 2/Arma 2 OA weapons and vehicles on the server. i have spoken to some admins about it and they told me that the server would just turn into EU3. but how cool could it to use Mods on Invade and Annex servers. so there will be an Invade and Annex server whitout mods EU1 and then then one whit mods EU5
  24. Okey i've been trying to open the mission in the editor to play around with, but with no success. I've been able to open it as a scenario and host it from my computer but not in the editor. What am i doing wrong? I used this file "co40 AW Invade & Annex 2.83.Stratis.pbo" And after i edit it do i save it somehow and testplay it in the scenario map or? Ed. Btw is the new 2.85 getting uploaded here?
  25. O'haio long time no see. I got back into A3 and directly hopped into see the status of ACE3, CBA and Alive very much to my surprise they've all grown to stable now. So after fiddling around with a couple of these old school perpetual mission engines, I thought on how about incorporating Alive into the storyline of IA for example and get into replacing the opfor logistics with Alive. Simply put this would allow the mission to scale as per how many users there are without the need to code each mission's logistics individually. Of course fine-tuning is inevitable, but Alive's components give a good base on staying scalable. What already is set as preferred non spammy and agreed that theres not more than 1 side-mission and 1 main-mission at given time. But into the logistics now, they are now more less static. Alive allows parameterization of logistics so for example a main mission with 10 players on the server we'd figure at-least one team's worth of players are fighting towards to accomplish the main-task. The mission would then keep logistic re-inforcement around at ~40 units, as per before triggering a condition which would stop re-inforcing for example killing at-least x-amount of this mission's opfor units or killing the teamleader's radio comms or vehicle. On a much more grande scale Alive's modules can spawn somewhere up to 80-250 strong companies and even 400-800 strong battalions AI re-inforcement, this of course causes some latency and gpu issues with lower-end boxes. But given more "life-like" scenarios these re-inforcements as a game mechanic are not just that the guy spawns in a loo and opens the door. No they ride out from given starts and routes to attack route and of course try to over come the blufor force. CBA in this equation would mean more flexible ways to code the actual framework to support the missions, IA already has a way good structure in my opinion I haven't checked the latest globals in the code since the last time I was involved with IA and the dev efforts of mysql connectors. CBA adds a ton of macros and eventhandlers which extend the sqf's capabilities in such a way that normal ARMA for some reason don't carry. Like ACE3 in general is just deepens the game and makes it more interesting in way that it strips the arcade way from Arma and makes each step count, whether it be stepping a feet away from the 50'cal to not get deafened or avoiding shrapnel, actually theres too much to even try to explain ACE. So I'm fairly sure that anyone interested in it can checkout if it's suitable for them. Of course ACE's medic system is at times a little too tedious to work with if you have men falling left an right and a ratio of 1 combat medic per 10 men. Since you need to patch each limb and give injections of bloods and pharms, it can be disabled per mission. But something to think about I'm looking for people to think this forwards with (I literally don't know anyone involved with current IA, would be great to get to know you guys again) , the new style of Arma3 servers that have been popping up are all great but I just can't put my finger on what i'm actually looking for. I've tried Epoch, KOTH, Warfare, COOP, Battleryoale, Life. I think something what is missing is truly a in-depth COOP mode that is easy enough to jump in but has that much depth that it can keep you interested in a way that IA has kept many of us in the past years. Cheers
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