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  1. I've done this now thank you Wasn't online for a long time so I only remember, that there was always a download-Link for the mission files... Now I uploaded the mission to my server but the "Arsenal" isn't working and I don't know why... I get no action menu at the Quartermaster - you know why? ? And I can shoot at my base without getting punished...
  2. Hi, first my English is not the best (german) so I'm really sorry for that :-( I try to set textures on my vehicles but it's not working that good... The textures getting applyed but after respawning that vehicle (abadoned or destroyed) the textures are not loading again.... Can someone help me with that? Thanks!
  3. DarkBaal

    Forum Bug

    I don't know which version it is but I'm using the actual version of FireFox. Tried this with Internet Explorer, get the same problem but without getting redirected to the full editor:
  4. DarkBaal

    Forum Bug

    Hi, didn't know where to post this so I hope this is the nearly the right section When I click "Edit" on my post and then "Use full editor" this appears: But I can use the Editor and edit my post, it only appears at the top of my screen.
  5. I have an other Question now: How can I set Textures on the Vehicles? When I try to write "this setObjectTexture(Global) [0,(...)]" and start the Server the Texture is shown a few seconds and then disappears. And on Server start it says that he can't find the Texture but it IS there and (as I said) it is loading right a few secs. Same for your awFlag.jpg it says that he can find the texture but everything is right...
  6. Yes, I did! And launching it with BWMod and CBA didn't help too. Ah I get the solution: I had another Mod activatet in ArmA 3 that made the problems. After deactivating it and edit a new map of I&A it's working now! Thank you for your help!
  7. I try to edit AW Invade with the "Bw Mod" but everytime I do a single change (like placing a tank) the server isn't starting he's reading up to 10 times per second the mission new. Are there some other changes in files I have to do?
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