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Zeus and Invade&Annex - Information and Discussion

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First and foremost: This does not represent an official announcement from AhoyWorld.


Yep, its here. The official Zeus DLC has gone life and so far everyone is creaming their pants over it.


The obvious, and undoubtedly endless question that will certainly be asked over and over (and over...) is "When are you guys gonna add this to I&A?"


I cant speak to that answer because I am not a staff member. However, there are a lot of things that will need to be considered before it happens. How can this be implemented without ruining the core aspects that make I&A enjoyable? How can we prevent abuse of these "godly" powers? Will Zeus only be available to I&A server administrators?


Another major thing to consider is....How do we actually USE Zeus? The official Showcase mission by Bohemia was very simplistic, mostly going over the basic interface functions. Not very detailed... and it wont be enjoyable on I&A until a greater understanding of how its features can be put to good effect.


I was able to locate the closest thing to a guide that has been written so far, a wiki entry about the "Curator" engine, BI's back-end name for Zeus. It can be found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Curator


Please use this thread to forward any more RELEVANT information that can be found regarding Zeus, as to give the Core Staff and Developer team more resources to aid in implementing this. Also, thoughts and opinions of how to put Zeus to good use are welcome.

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Well you could implement the Zeus to I&A for restricted people only, which can create alternative side missions, but shouldn't effect

the core essence of I&A. This way if Zeus drops out, the game doesn't stop. Otherwise Zeus would see to be more like gamenight feature.

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Zeus will be hosted when there are hosts suitable to do so.

I&A will be used when there are no hosts


I&A Zeus would be nearly pointless, it runs its self so Zeus could really only create side missions



There is however a definite guideline i would like to run over with the zeus hosting admins before opening it up to public event hosts.

Saturday we will learn some lessons

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