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  1. The recent patch (1.56) has included some major overhauling of the default Revive system for multiplayer. As I understand it, BTC revive is still in use. Is it worth considering a transition over to the default system for both functionality and script efficiency? I dont know a whole lot about it, but the question is on the table. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Revive
  2. technerd89

    New US Server!

    Oh, I see. So there is not currently a "US1" I&A server, because its being used to run a different game? Gotcha.
  3. technerd89

    New US Server!

    Sorry for the necro-thread, but so far this is the only mention I have found of the touted "new" US server. Someone mentioned it in-game but I havent been able to find any connection information. Does it still exist?
  4. Wait wait wait this is a thing again? Tell me more!
  5. Ever since we updated to Arma 1.5, I've been having a rather peculiar issue of VAS not wanting to attach any items to my weapons. Im able to deposit them into my inventory and attach them manually, but not from the VAS selector. Im running the pretty standard set of approved mods, just CBA, ST, and Blastcore. Anyone else having an issue like this within the last day or two?
  6. I can tell you that the base has been rebuilt or altered in some way probably a dozen times since the beta, and the sad part is that there really is no way to prevent any of this. People always find a way to exploit the system somehow. The only way to counter it is vigilant staff members who quickly remove the troublemakers.
  7. True, although knowing absolutely nothing about Arma coding and map-making, that would have been completely oblivious to me
  8. Here are some particular relevant bullet points from the patch notes of today's 1GB patch that might have some influence on game play on I&A. Server browser:Removed: GameSpy logo Removed: GameSpy / Steam switch Server count is now in-engine instead of scripted Added: Player's name Fixed: Dispersion and engagement ranges of TRG 20 and TRG 21 were switched Fixed: Aimpoint visibility at night for MRD attachment Fixed: Zeroing on EBR's ironsights Fixed: Geometries of UAV entities (Hope this actually makes a difference...) Fixed: Unable to throw grenade through window of d_house_small_02_v1_f.p3d(http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15704) Added: Stall warnings in HUDs of fixed-wings now flash Added: Altitude scales in HUDs of fixed-wings now show ASL instead of ATL. However, terrain indicators have been added. Added: "Vote Kick" and "Vote Admin" buttons are now visible in the Players list on Dedicated Servers (Yay! Please learn to use them!) Added: New zeroing adjustments for GL (50,75,100,150,200,250,300,350,400) Updated: Thermal signature of Mk200, Khaybar, Zubr and MX Ejection seats in planes now propel the pilot high enough to parachute (from ground) Rahim rifle is no longer able to attach Rail attachments Standardized inventory configuration for armored vehicles and added basic equipment even for MBTs AI is more likely to target enemy transports Reduced: Armor of light bulbs on street lamps for they were very hard to destroy even with concentrated machine gun fire from close vicinity. Also changed the material for Decor Lamp to improve over-penetration issues. (Shoot out those lights boys!) Fixed: Desync in MP after the revision 124842 fix Added: Fuel explosion power value for all vehicles UAV - Camera stabilization Inventory load now affects stamina regeneration
  9. Can never have to much free stuff. Appreciate it.
  10. Rumor has it that a freshly updated version of BTC revive was thrown in somewhere in the 2.73x series, and it seems like its running on the default (as released by author) config file. Things like free death cam, select-able spawn points, and respawning on your squad leader, have crept their way back in to 2.73C. Can this be looked in to? Was it intentionally done or simply an oversight?
  11. Just a quick FYI, they supposedly fixed the "to many bullets = to much lag" problem associated with miniguns (Wipeout, GhostHawk, Pawnee...). I know this has been a particularly serious lag bomb on the servers, hopefully it works correctly. http://dev.arma3.com/spotrep-00025 ENGINEFixed: Faulty handling sub-munitions in multiplayer would cause performance issues proportional to the number of players in the session (e.g. firing miniguns) Fixed: MP crash opportunity Fixed: One Tempest heavy truck variant was missing some interior textures
  12. Well I mainly ask because this is in contrast to a previous statement from Raz in a Zeus related thread that I had made on the day it was released. As for my signature, I have had that on there for several months now. It is no secret that I have gotten pretty opinionated at times, and have a habit of talking about things of which I have no real clue. Its just some open disclosure to help keep me out of trouble.
  13. If I may ask, why the sudden reversal in choosing to implement this into I&A? A previous post of yours stated that you did not think I&A and Zeus would fit very well together fundamentally.
  14. Well I think our current incarnation is at the very least better than our last "mobile ammo box" concept which was a crate dropped out of the back of the Mohawk. Not only was that air-capable, but was limited only by cooldown meaning there could be several of them scattered about the map. As it stands, the VAB Tempest is airliftable but there's only one of them at a time. I have noticed though, is that right now we have two: A Tempest Covered, and a HEMTT Ammo. Between the two the Tempest could be considered more overpowered/overpurposed because it is both VAB AND transport. I suggest removing it from the Tempest (and consequently removing the Tempest from BLUFOR use in general, we have HEMTTs for that) and just keeping the HEMTT Ammo as our only mobile ammo box.
  15. [approximately] 2.4 real hours of game daylight 1.6 real hours of game night. tadaaa! I think that that's quite a nice contrast between the two. if you however asked me to slow down sunsets/sunrises It's possible but it would throw off the feel of it. having a sunrise lasting as long as half a day would be weird. Making more time changes per minute is a bad idea so i think this is what we should be comfortable with This is news to me, because truth be told I thought we were on 8 hour = 1 day, per something Elcour told me. Ill be sure to stop incorrectly explaining that in side chat.
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