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Operation Slippery Deck 22/11/20 @ 17.30 UTC


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Event Name:

Operation Slippery Deck hosted by @BenjaminHL


Event Date:



Event Timing:

17:30 UTC (start)

20:00 UTC (end)


Server will be open 30 minutes prior to the start of the mission


Mission Name:

Operation Slippery Deck


Server Details;


Port: 2302


Mods Required:

Arma 3 Preset Slippery Deck.html


TS address: 



Player Slots: 

28 (Command Element of 2, 2x Squads of 12 with teams of 4, 2x Whiplash Pilots)



Russia has continued its aggression and has now branched out into the Mediterranean. However, this time the United States and the international community is not letting Russia's occupation of the Island of Malden go unanswered. Russian Marines have set up SAM sites on oil rigs to the East and West of the island as well as a sprawling artillery fire base to protect the island against an invasion. In order for the USMC's beach landings to be successful all three sites must be eliminated. SOCOM has dispatched NSW Group 1, SDV Team 1 to accomplish the mission. The SEALs are tasked with using SDVs to approach both oil rigs undetected, destroy the SAM radars or missile launchers, then move by helicopter to attack and destroy the artillery fire base, and finally defend the fire base until the USMC can commence its invasion on the northern beaches.



2 x UH-60M

8 x SDV

1 x MK 5 SOC 


Friendly Forces:

US Navy - NSW Group 1, SDV Team 1


Enemy Forces:

Russian Marines (VDV)



Civilians are present in villages



Destroy the SAM sites on the oil rigs and then move to destroy and hold the fire base until the USMC can establish a beach head. 





1. Eliminate the SAM sites on both oil rigs

2. Attack and Destroy the fire base

3. Hold the fire base until the Marines establish a beach head


Movement Plan:

Use SDVs to assault the oil rigs at the commander's discretion. Follow on actions at the commander's discretion. 


Rules of Engagement:

Armed personnel may be engaged on sight.

Civilians are present in the area so collateral damage is to be kept to a minimum.

Only buildings clearly being used for a military purpose may be engaged.


Optional Tasks:




Resupply and rearm is available from inside UH-60M's and can also be provide at commander's discretion after the SAM sites are disabled.



Unlimited (allowed by helicopter after the SAM sites are disabled) 



Overall command lays with NSW Command

Operational control on the ground lies with the Team Commander

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