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Operation Lion's Den 31/07/2020 @ 17:30 UTC


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Mission Summary

The US is about to finish their last and final rotation, meaning they'll leave the Lythium side of Afghanistan. The russians has taken advantage of this, establishing a base north of the US base. Russia hopes to exploit this land for many new possibilities and options in terms of warfare.


Modset Required

AW_Liberation_Lythium (4).html


Mission Runtime

Roughly 2 hours 




Friendly Forces

Russian Special Forces


Opposing Forces




The FSB has managed to put us in contact with a Tribal Leader with a small army in the nothern region of Lythium. The idea is to create an ally of this small army, so we have local support on our hand. The leader agree to an alliance, but prefers to discuss the details of the deal in person.



Meet & discuss the details of the deal. 



PlatCo / 2-man command element

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot / 5-man infantry teams

Reaper / 2-man strike team


Admin & Logistics


- Unlimited

- Mobile respawn at disposable



- There will be a restricted ACE arsenal

- Anything that is unlocked


Command & Control

Overall command lies on Overlord, but the decision in the field lies on the Platoon Commander. 



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Here's all the intel recovered:



Dear Diary
Today my team has been ordered to investigate the lack of radio communication between our leader and the Tribal Leader.
It's been over an hour since we heard anything from him. He said he needed to talk to some goons for hire... whatever that means. 
He said it would be a quick meeting and we should setup the anti-air defenses just in case... but it doesn't feel like a quick meeting.



Dear Diary
Today has been interesting. Some fancy men in civilian clothing came talking to us. They said they were willing to negotiate a deal with a clear and distinct american accent. He sounded like a texas ranger from the cowboy movies.



Dear Diary
The meeting with these well dressed americans has lasted well over six hours by now and they've only been screaming at each other the past two... I'm being told the Leader believes they have some hidden agenda.



numquam tibi amet... US Secretary ... Numquam te amet... weapons & supplies ... nunquam deseret conversi amet


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13 hours ago, WinterMute said:

"I never carrots... US Secretary... I never carrots... weapons & supplies ... never abandon converted carrots."

I tried to translate "never gonna give you, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around and desert you" and put english words between the commas, but I can translating it back makes more sense

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