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Bomber saying hello


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Hi guys i am john 38 British living in South Germany  . I am x British army (mechanized infantry ,Anti tank pl) , and i love to play arma 3 ! . I would like to say thankyou to your mods and admins on the server , some awesome people (very active) .. always there to help when its needed  . Ive been playing arma for a good while now , started back when it was arma 2 then Arrowhead . Ive been involved with having my own servers , and admins in the past .   


I did have a long break from playing for a while with life getting in the way . Your server is the best one ive seen , and i plan to spend a bit more time on it getting to know everyone . I hope in the near future to get more involved with the guys in Ahoy it really is a fun place to be.


see you on the Battlefield  .. john 🙂


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Welcome to the community John!

We have a quite a few regular members and staff that play on the #EU1 server, so if you ever have any questions or wish to team-up, just ask!
(There is also a teamspeak and discord server available to the public, should you wish join)


AhoyWorld occasionally hosts public (lightly-modded) operations on the #EU2 server on the weekends, so be sure to keep an eye on the "events" sub-forum if you would like to check that out. Additionally, we also have a team of lads that run "Multi-Session Operations" (MSO), which has a more "Serious Fun" approach to gameplay and utilizes a larger collection of mods.


All the information regarding the different servers can be found on this forum:


List of Official Servers

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On 1/1/2020 at 4:47 PM, Bomberjohn said:

British living in South Germany


yuk 😷

this is about the 3rd worst combination possible - but that aside i seen that guy playing (semi-)early on EU1#

i can recommend 🤪

also a hint,stay away from those ackward people on (ex)EU2#

they all abit koo-koo in their inner self

especially that Jenkins guy above

be afraid !

be very,very afraid !


Other than that,welcome to the forums!

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