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  1. haha Scar , I am moving up to middle Germany soon (trier) because of work .. I will be sure to check out EU 2 at some point . see you on the Server soon and thanks for the welcome !
  2. Thankyou very much guys , and i will be checking them out Jenkins . It would be fun to take part in some ops with you guys .
  3. Hi guys i am john 38 British living in South Germany . I am x British army (mechanized infantry ,Anti tank pl) , and i love to play arma 3 ! . I would like to say thankyou to your mods and admins on the server , some awesome people (very active) .. always there to help when its needed . Ive been playing arma for a good while now , started back when it was arma 2 then Arrowhead . Ive been involved with having my own servers , and admins in the past . I did have a long break from playing for a while with life getting in the way . Your server is the best one ive seen , and i plan to spend a bit more time on it getting to know everyone . I hope in the near future to get more involved with the guys in Ahoy it really is a fun place to be. see you on the Battlefield .. john
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