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[EU2] Unsung Air Cav Deployment Week 5 13/12/19 @ 18:30 UTC


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Mission Name:

[EU2] Unsung 1st Cavalry Deployment Week 5

18:30 UTC



Server Details:


Port: 2302


Mods Required:





Recommended Mods:

ShackTac User Interface




TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 41 (3 Squads of 11,  command, and vortex )




On the last mission we discovered a significant P.A.V.N. presence in the area. They appear to have attempted to hide their number for an unknown reason. Our incursion into their territory caused them to show their hand. Also, through Intel recovered by ground forces and by air reconnaissance we have determined the location of a P.A.V.N. strong point on the island of Bin Thoi. Normally we would use artillery and/or aircraft to assault the area before sending in ground forces. However, command back in Fort Hood want us to try and raid this position for any Intel on the composition and strength of enemy forces in the area. To that end the island is not to be blanketed with support fire. We are also aware that the P.A.V.N.have access to Strela anti air missiles which could be used to defend the island. Once the island is captured we are tasked with clearing out any P.A.V.N. we discover.


Friendly Forces:

US 1st Air Cavalry Division

Army of the Republic of Vietnam (A.R.V.N.)



UH-1D Iroquois (Slick) X 4

UH-1C/M21 X 2 (Armed Huey)

CH-47A Chinook X 2

A-7D Corsair II(CAS) X 2

A-1H Skyraider (CAS) X 2

AH-1G Cobra X 1

Various ground transport and support vehicles



Enemy Forces:

National Liberation Front (Việt Cộng)

People's Army of Vietnam (P.A.V.N.)




Civilians are concentrated around towns and villages.




Insert into a position form which  to assault Bin Thoi. Disable any AA threat discovered to allow our aircraft more freedom. Capture any documentation/intelligence on enemy strength. If possible locate any enemy encampment in the area and clear it out.






Insert by helicopter

Assault and capture Bin Thoi

Disable any Anti air located on the island

Capture any enemy documents which are available

Search for any Intel on the location of hidden P.A.V.N. forces

Extract once objectives are complete


Movement Plan:

At Commanders discretion


Rules of Engagement:

Armed personnel may be engaged on sight.

Civilians are present in the area so collateral damage is to be kept to a minimum.

Only buildings clearly being used for a military purpose may be engaged.

Civilian life must be protected (Hearts and minds)


Optional Tasks:

Provide any necessary support to civilians in the area.


Admin & Logistics



At the commander’s control, assets are available at base to facilitate this.




At commanders discretion, transport assets are available.



Command & Control



Overall command lays with codename "Overlord" who will set objectives and ROE.

Operational control on the ground lies with the Platoon Commander.



Radio channels are set for each element and can be viewed on the map in game. Platoon has limited discretion for change but structure is to be maintained.


Good Morning Vietnam!!



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In fact, when I think about it, it's not just the issue of slightly overloading the RTO's ears - that can be handled, I believe we were really missing that PlatCo tonight. ASL was mostly concerned with pressing tactical questions, issues and communication, so naturally that strategic role he had to fulfill on top of keeping A-1 and A-2 coordinated fell short and everything became more chaotic compared to last week.

You see, I had Alpha Lead group on one ear and Vortex, Angel and Reaper on the other and even though I stayed out of the action and heard all radio communications within Alpha I had what can only be described as a very rough idea of what was going on and what the next planned step was. Now if it's only the RTO, that's not too big of an issue, because the RTO doesn't make decisions, but I'm pretty sure that ASL was far busier than me while also trying to plan ahead.

This overstrained command element took a big toll on CAS: neither ASL nor RTO had confirmed knowledge wether OPFOR AAA current status was "dealt with" or "being dealt with", leading to CAS being called in while AA was still up twice.


What I'm saying is: show more love for PlatCo, because when we have one, ASL can focus on fighting, managing his teams and passing important information up the chain of command instead of also having to process it and react to it. Leave the tactical workload with ASL and ATLs and the strategic workload with PlatCo. It's better for all of us, even if we only have one squad on the ground.

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