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Godday folks, Whigital here.


Been lurking on the server(s) for a while and thought i'd introduce myslef. Longtime ArmA player that almost exclusively do helicopter flying outside the milsim gamplay with the community i'm in. You'd probably catch me lurking in TS or in the lobby waiting for a pilot slot :)


I might not be the most flamboyant helipilot, since i tend to fly in a "realistic" way. Don't expect any acrobatics, but safe inserts (mostly).




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Last week with Gambit co-ordinating you did a brilliant evacuation on a fairly hot mountain top! Best bit of emergent gameplay I've had on EU1 I think - one of those situations that gets a bit out of hand and instead of just giving in and relying on the respawn I cleared as many EI as I could and you dropped in and got me outta there!

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