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Private server setup - Infinite loading screen


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Heyo, I was hopping to load up and modify a variant of invade and annex as my group really liked the original stratis one. I joined the public EU1 Invade and Annex server in order to get the mission file, I commented out the #include readme line and just threw the mission onto the server to check if it works and I can join, select my role, and then I get stuck on a loading screen.

While stuck in the loading screen however I can hear when I change weapons or someone else throws a grenade etc. Any Idea what this is about?


I dont get any errors in the RPT and im running vanilla 0 mods.

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Alright. What is the usual setup steps for the mission? 

Download > unpack > open the unit with readme include > comment > repack pbo.


Also originally I made the command line have 0 mods, no debug or filepatching, I only turned those Params on at someone elses recommendation to see if we can get any more info.


Is it possible an old save that was broken could be messing things up? Originally I had only tested it on my PC to make sure it works and I did modify a ton of settings and the mission file itself. Even then the mission name was different compared to the now vanilla one so I'm not sure if that save would even load. 

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Ok, so suddenly the mission is working? I uploaded the mission file again and did 3 things different, I didnt pack the mission into a pbo, I left the commandline with 6 required mods, and I added a diag_log on line 179 in the initServer.sqf just before the execVM for the mission init.


My guess is that for some reason the mission does not like to be packed into a pbo? something about being packed makes it not run. Weird. Any idea what causes that?

Not a big issue, just annoying to re-upload 300ish files 

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The options I found weird in the server startup params are "-O=0 -H=0", I don't know what these do.  I also don't know how you're able to run a mission that's not packed into a pbo but yes, something could've gone wrong with the packing causing the mission not to boot.  

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Im not sure, we are using armahosts commandline manager and thats default.

I have a question about the fn_vehicleLookup, I see that it has indep, opfor, and blufor vehicles in the weighted selection, how is this used?

I see it mentioned in ina_config in the stadium class, does this just randomly decide what heli to spawn there? and is that after (i assume) the players get that fob captured?

    case "HELI_LCAS": {
        _vehType = selectRandomWeighted [
            "B_Heli_Light_01_dynamicLoadout_F", 2,
            "I_Heli_light_03_dynamicLoadout_F", 3,
            "O_Heli_Light_02_dynamicLoadout_F", 1
        _typeDesc = "Attack Heli (Light)";
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9 minutes ago, Stanhope said:

Yes, once that FOB is captured it'll spawn one of those helicopters, and every time it respawns it'll pick a random one again iirc

Awesome good to know, another question more about Invade and Annex itself, how does the fob get captured? does a mission pop up after enough of the map is secured?

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