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An Important Milestone


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Tonight marked my 1,000th hour on Arma 3; surpassing my second most-played game by over 200 hours and my third-most by nearly 400.





These 1,000 hours have been spent exclusively on AW servers (and AW members' private servers), with likely 930 spent on AWE alone. And so, I just wanted to make this little appreciation post thanking the community for the fun times had. You all are great.


A special shout out to BaeCollector (@SkullCollector) for introducing me to the game and AW. You're a darling. dont kill me pls senpai


I'm looking forward to hundreds more hours of enjoyment with you guys in the coming months, and I hope I can repay you guys somehow for it in the future.


 - Shadow

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3,607 hours for me, I'd say a solid 2000 at the very least has been on EU3 but I'd take a gamble of pushing it upwards of 2500 since I've played it quite regularly since the day it came out back in 2014. Other hours have been spent on EU1 before EU3 existed, some on wasteland servers and life servers etc. It's a good game that will never get old for me and I'm always finding new things even in the Vanilla game I never realized were there.

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