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New DLC 'Laws of War'


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So, 2 days ago the makers gave us more intel about the upcoming DLC what was first named Orange and now goes under the name 'Laws of War'


Interested to hear your thoughts about this.


My opinion?

The new faction with all the humanitarion stuff sounds nice, I dont think its gonna be used much, but its sure a nice addition. I could see missions where you have to escort those LDAP guys or rescue some

of them after there 'make food and water not war' plan goes wrong. Protect them while they are doing their thing or something.


But, what im more interested in (mainly because of my reallife background in it) is the stuff they add to the game (not in dlc but for everyone). The added possibility for UXO's and laying minefields. It could be added to the current missions (talking about gauntlet and especially stiletto on AW#3 server). 

Wouldnt it be nice to have area denial minefields? They could be already known and shown on the map or they coupd be unknown. Walking and driving off the road would be more dangerous (just like real afghanistan etc.). Planning your direction of approach would be a little bit sifferent when you have to account for (possible) minefields and/or UXO's.


And talking about thise UXO's. When you ask for artillery, after the strike, its not 100% its still safe. Uxo's of your own 155mm shells could still be there. I hope you can set the chance of being an uxo to each type of ammo. Newer munition is beter then old

russian shit where there is a much greater chance of not exploding.

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I'm not going to be too critical until this DLC actually comes out but in my eyes other than the campaign it just looks like a bunch of new civilian assets which you can use in your mission, Though it does have some cool features like the drones which drop leaflets and stuff. I can see a separate faction being added to missions for players to try this new role on the battlefield.

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