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Fast Roping at its Finest


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4 hours ago, GandalfTheCray said:

Got the pilot's perspective of this - will upload here tonight when I'm done with work :) 


i wasnt recording at the start but managed to catch what was happening before control was regained :P 


Sounds great hahhaa cannot wait to see that

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I remember being there, screaming out peoples names to jump, when one person, still don't know who, jumps out using eject instead of fast rope. 
I was fast-roping down when the heli flew away and it towed me like 4k up in the air.

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Third person because, well, first person would give you an epileptic fit


What happened before I started recording:

1) A guy ejected from the heli and landed on top of a guy who was in the middle of fast roping

2) I get the red screen effect (like when you're in a jet being upside down for too long)

3) The red screen effect dissipates and we launch into an unstable low earth orbit



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