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[EU#3][GAMENIGHT] Operation Wet Work


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What: EU#3 Gamenight - Operation Wet Work

Data & Time: Friday 16./12/'16 @18:45 UTC

Where: EU#3

Requirements: EU#3 Mods

Optional mods: None



Date & Time Converter


Hello all,


As a replacement for the postponed mission, Friday the 16th a mission made by Benjamin Levine will be hosted on the EU#3 server



Unstable border country as SBS or possibly as the OPFOR enemy of SBS.


Slots & special equipment:

Player slots: 

16 BLUFOR Spec. Opss and possibly 8 OPFOR if the amount of players that show up is more than 16.



Sign up here:




Two SBS squads are tasked with readying the small unstable border country for a full NATO invasion. Insert covertly and get out with a trace. The weather is also suspected to be very poor. The Russians also have an economic interest in this country along with not liking NATO on their door step, so watch out for them too. As the SBS you will need to secure a hostage. locations of enemy SAM sites, and kill and enemy commander.


Extra info:

Minimum playercount for mission to go through is 8 players.


Expected Mission Length: 45-60 minutes

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