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TvT Tuesdays?

TvT Tuesday?  

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To elaborate further, I'll be making a new series of TvT missions that cobble together lumps of code from Gauntlet and other things I'm working on.  If you've ever played Project Reality's Advance and Secure game mode, you're familiar with much of this. Here are the highlights:


1) Each team has a certain number of respawn tickets and there is a mission timer, so the mission will end when time runs out or one side runs out of respawn tickets. There's a base protection zone so you can't kill players in their own base spawn zone; opposing side players will die if they enter this zone.


2) It's a sector control style mission.  Two opposing teams must attempt to secure three zones.  Capturing 2/3 of the zones will result in ticket bleed (1 ticket every minute) and 3/3 zones will result in a greater bleed (1 ticket every 30 seconds).  There is a cargo hut in each zone, with a device on the roof: it's a 20-second action to capture the device, and thus the zone.  Zones must be captured in order.


3) There are a variety of blufor and opfor factions to choose from, and they'd be chosen as mission parameters - other things like time of day, tickets, mission time, vehicle availability etc., can also be chosen.


4) The combat zone is randomized so the mission will be different every time: the position of the capture zones, blufor/opfor bases, etc., are randomly placed but equally spaced so there won't be a particular advantage to either team.


5) I'm still figuring out squad composition but each squad will have a leader who can deploy a rally point for respawning.  A team that captures a zone will be able to respawn in the preceding zone.

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