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Hello Ahoyworld


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A bit about me, I'm what you would call a mature female gamer, infact I'm probably one of the very first computer gamers out there lol, starting with an atari gaming console and moving on to a Comodore c64 then the amiga 500 then the amiga 1200, I still have both of those last 2 I don't know why but I have, then on to pc's once they had caught up to the Amiga's.  I'm a bit on the disabled side so I'm at home all day and computers give me a bit of freedom, my work background is in computer networks and security.


I'm a senior admin for TSB (tough shit baby) gaming community (tsbgamers.org), I configure and look after the battlefield servers, monitoring through procon during the day, program the website and try to keep things running smoothly.  One of our members Ronco, has playerd 2,600 hours of Arma3 and persuaded me to buy it when it was on 1/2 price offer, I love the scale of it and the co-op game play modes, I pre ordered Apex as soon as it was available.  I even put an Arma3 test server up on my Linux server at home so that I could try and get used with the system, its an on going project.


I saw Luetin09's stream one night and was blown away by the way the missions are conducted here, I'm not a shoot first ask permission later type of girl I follow squad orders, pack my loadout to the role I'm playing and like to be a team player, I'm no expert at this game but I'm a keen learner, so I hope I get to play with you lovely people very soon.



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Although I have no idea what the Comodore and the amiga is ... but welcome to the community =) 

That just means that you are younger then 40yo.

I remember all those revind and fastfotwards on The tapes ti to The C64. And The stacks of 1.44disks to Amiga

Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk

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Thanks for the warm welcome guy's, I'll be watching the stream a bit tonight but I'm off on holiday for 2 weeks first thing in the morning, so I will be a jibbering wreck from pc withdrawal symptoms by the time I get back and will need a quick fix as soon as the car is unpacked :D

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