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  1. Mohamed


    hello and welcome to the community m8
  2. Hello and welcome to the community, have fun
  3. Mohamed


    welcome to the community mate
  4. I think that having the gestures mechanic will be really good and useful like the ones on the King Of The Hill servers, because we can't always switch (or not being able to cuz we are getting shot at or just spotted an enemy and you wanna warn your group) to direct communication to type stop, move forward, etc. it's a not that big of an idea but will surely come in handy sometimes.
  5. Hello and welcome to the community, have fun! oh and don't kill ur teammates in a heli crash cuz that drives them mad =)
  6. Although I have no idea what the Comodore and the amiga is ... but welcome to the community =)
  7. Welcome to the Community, Have fun!
  8. It's a very good idea in my opinion, it would increase the realism of I&A and make it more punishing for the players who just wanna run and gun thinking they are playing COD. problem is that people might just respawn instead of waiting for medevac which kinda brakes the hole idea, so it's better to actually remove the respawn option entirely ... yeah it will be more punishing but it will make the experience more realistic and thematic.
  9. That's not what I meant , I mean that Arma 3 is a simulation for real wars. and in real wars there's para troopers so how can we miss such a role ? and if that is not right for the missions we do atm like Main or other sides then maybe we can get a special Mission with not much AA or not at all like : " A group of CSAT troops is trying to escape out of Altis and rendezvous with the rest of the Army to prepare for an invasion, load up the Helis and rain them down with Para troopers before they can escape ! " therefore they are just a small amount of troops so they won't have AA or tanks or other Vehicles to get our choppers done so a mission like that one would be really good just for that type of gameplay. this is just my opinion though trying to get the sever even more better
  10. well the thing is that we need it to be Official so that people start doing it , but if it's not people well start ignoring it and from what I notice people actually use the Parachutes on the heli when the heli is going down or getting hit by a tigirs and not used the right way most of the time
  11. I suggest adding a new Role in the EU1 and EU2 Servers which includes Para Troopers , since I started playing on the server I always wanted to get a Parachute with a light kit and go in from the above into the Main AO ! Maybe you think it will be hard to do it because the tigirs well just destroy the helis? well am sure there's a lot of good pilots out there that well be able to get the job done ! so like make another role which is a Pilot just for Parachute drops , it well be really nice and immersive because how can a war not include a Parachute drops ? I hope that you guys can listen to this and tell me your opinion about it ! it well be really nice
  12. JSRS DragonFyre is a sound mod which changes all the sounds from the vanilla game which is a core mod for me , blastcore is a mod that changes the sounds of explosives in the game making it more realistic but it hits your frame rate a bit
  13. When I thought about buying Arma 3 I started watching vids on youtube for basic beginner guides then I found a lot on Lutein's channel and saw his recordings of Ahoy World invade and annex then after I bought my copy of the game I started playing on the server ever since =)
  14. Ahoy fellows My name is Mohamed , I live in Egypt but I used to live in the US for a year Since I have been introduced to the server and known about the big great community of Ahoy World I wanted to join it so .... here I'm !
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