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Issues with the REPO [Solved]

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Anyone else having issues with the repo not finding files. 


--- Download report ---
Repository name: AhoyWorld_Modded
Download finished on: Jun 3, 2016 4:59:08 PM

Download finished with errors:
- File not found on repository: /modded/keys/ccip_v0.3a.bikey




Anyone Else?!






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Part of the problem is that the entire EU3 player base hammers the repo at the same time and the server is only so robust.  You're honestly better off downloading the larger MODs from alternate sources (ie., CUP) and then managing the files locally to correspond to what the repo expects to find.  Then you're just using the repo to download keys and bisigns.

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8 hours ago, Plant1ing said:

We are aware of the problem and we are kindly asking AW Community and our players of EU#3 to be patient while we are resolving the problem.




Please read this.



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Just tested with Sozio, it now works.


Burnes_AAV has an identical folder inside it. Ensure that the folder containing addons and readme is placed in your ArmA3 directory.


CUP Terrains core and Maps have spaces in their folder names, replace those spaces with underscores ( _ )


Leights OPFOR Pack OFFICIAL, replace spaces with underscores ( _ )


Then retry repo, you should get whatever keys you're missing without having to download entire CUP packs again.


Kudos to admins for fixing :)

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