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EU#3 Training Session - Sunday 29th, 1700 UTC


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Meet up @ TS/MissionPlanning: 1645 UTC

Training start: 1700 UTC (apprx.)

Training end: 1900 UTC (apprx.)

Type of gameplay: AT4, Medic, Marksman


All attendees will be subjected to an AT4 course, under the tutelage of Origins.

All attendees will be given a choice of the Medic course, run by Mouldy, and the Marksman course, run by Scottie.

In the unlikely event that courses finish early, it will of course be possible to attend your second choice.


Choice of Assistant Trainers is on the course Trainers named herein. If you feel you could be of help, pester them at your own peril.


I will be around as Training Commander to assist if anyone wishes to muck about on their own; but remember that the courses take priority.


If you wish to attend this session, please leave a reply here.

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