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idea - default Heli cargo loadout


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A small suggestion that might improve flow on I&A:


Can the cargo hold of spawned Helicopters be pre-loaded with most used items?

Mainly I'm talking (quantity depending on Heli size):


- commonly used mags

- couple of launcher missiles

- FA kits

- smoke grenades

- some explo charges

- 1-2 mine detectors


.. I've been dabbling into the Heli flying (apologies to my victims, I'm slowly getting better) and try to load some of that stuff into Heli when I have the time (wainting for ppl to board etc), but it sure would be nice if some of that is pre-loaded so pilots can just re-fill asked-for items when they have time.

Most of the cargohold is by default filled with parachutes - which makes sense IRL, but which are almost never used on I&A so their number can be lowered.


downside I see about this suggestion:

ppl picked up on EVAC will not want to RTB, which can prolong waiting times in bases - although it is unlimately Vortex(pilots) team responsibility to decide where to go (non-issue if pilots are actively coordinating among themselves, but that not always happens)

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Its possible to load them urelf, any type of gear, any quantity you like (theres a limit).


I think he means having the helicopter spawn with a pre set loadout with ammo and more useful items so that when pilots repair/rearm the helo it will refill with the items rather than the pilot having to keep refilling it

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I must say that i am perfectly fine with loading MY bird with the stuff i deem worthy to bring along (takes me 2 minutes top). I am fine with scripted "empty inventory" option which you do have on helipad.


I dont consider this as a thing that i would need. Free time of people working on I&A is more valuable then this.

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Thats what I do at the moment Cebi - loading it myself, but most pilots wont bother with it.

PS: I would thought that changing default unit inventory wouldn't be more than very minor adjustment for I&A developers.

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