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EU3 PvP Game Night - "Suits" - Wednesday Night (GMT)


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When: Wednesday, April 6 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST) *Starting right on the dot*

Mods: Standard EU3

Mission Length: 1 Hour (No JIP)


Mission will be locked to first person only



PvP Mission "Suits"

BLUFOR and OPFOR need to negotiate for the release of an American ambassador held in Chernarus.



This is meant to be just a quick, fun mission (no waiting time, no dillydallying) in preparation for a multi-mission PvP gamenight hosted sometime later. 

Mission will be locked to first person only



BLUFOR (Attacking) (~30 Slots)

OPFOR (Defending) (~20 Slots)

One Hostage


Reserve Your Slot Here


*If enough people are up for it, we can even do a second match

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Haven't had the chance to deal with all my loadouts again !!! Don't know when coming back to the server because of that... Stop it please, no need...


Nutek, be reasonable. Gauntlet is still in development process (thus Gauntlet not reaching whole number 1). Check out my post for Gauntlet Fallujah 042F which if the latest iteration of Gauntlet atm. I wish you good gamenight.

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