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  1. Ah right sorry just seems as if when on random it selects opfor must just be me only going on when opfor is on
  2. On V33 when ever blufor faction is set to random it always defaults to Russian, not just a fluke has been happening for about 3 days straight
  3. The_Mighty_Ginge

    Fast Roping

    Some good fast roping from Hobnob here(Lets not talk about the time before)
  4. 1. Name the MOD, Map or Feature FV4034 Challenger 2 TES 2. Describe what it does, or how you see it working This is a mod that adds the FV4034 Challenger 2 to the game. 3. Provide a Steam-link or Bi-Thread to the request (if available or applicable) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876519903&searchtext=Challenger+2 4. Concisely tell us why you think it will improve the server, or player experience, by implementing it I think that this would replace the M1A1 Abrams when playing as the British Armed Forces. Thanks for considering
  5. If not a sniper something that is out the heat of battle (Just not in the middle of the action)
  6. I think this would be a great idea to stop bad piloting and increase player enjoyment
  7. Great mod although i would have to buy a new screen to use it
  8. I put my name down twice because i wanted to be bluefor but i pressed I Dont Care
  9. Where is my update. I need it now!
  10. I Strongly Agree with you bacon everyone is entitled to there own say in things!
  11. I could take command post i have experience and would be nice to have some fun!
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