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Still Alive!


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He you all.


Just posting to say i'm still around (live and kicking) just been buisy of late. Finaly got myself a job, so its been a hectic november month for me with little time to play Fallout 4 when it got out, so ive been mostly dedicating my free hours into playing that lately. Finaly finished its main quest line earlier this month, so maybe i will be back in arma comming weekend or later. Still not bored with the game so who knows, i might be away from arma for this month too, but i do plan to get some play on the EU3 server in the near future atleast.


With greetings, DakimDragco.

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Marine Design consultent, basicly the company i work for draws designs for various aplication in the marine buisness, including ship designs like yachts. Though i must add it's not a paying job just yet, i'm currently being schooled at the company itself in use of Autocad to draw and design stuff. It might take anywhere from 5 months, up to a year or more before i'm at a level where they might actualy hire me fulltime.


This does mean that i still dont have the finaces to buy new games like squad :( but its better then sitting at home all day. As for that daydreaming Mini, it might just come true this weekend ;)

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