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hey guys


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Hey all im kinda new to the game but had a quick go on Eu 1 before bed last night and going to be online most of the day today. im 29 yrs old from the uk. So sorry if i die too much due to lack of experience  :o, so nice to meet you all, see you out there

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Its a learning Experience, just remember to have fun in the end, Dont be afraid to ask people for help, some people may be rude but its highly unlikely, you'll most likely get the help you need! its really only more serious on EU3, its Flexible i think on the others :) Welcome to Ahoy World!

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Hello cookie and welcome!

Glad you enjoyed our servers

If you haven't already why don't you join us on TS - ts.ahoyworld.co.uk

There are lots of GUIDES and HOW TO posted around the forums that can help and improve your gameplay.

If you do have any questions or need any help just ask a Field Ambassador or Admins, we are here to help

Hope to see you around

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