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DCS: Saturday 1130UTC


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Good day to ye pilots!


at 1130UTC we will counter attack Russian forces just off of krymsk, our last attack on the 23rd didn't go to plan and our helicopter assault was halted at a line of strong tanks. We did however discover a weakness on the northern flank and as such through the week I would encourage you as flight lieutenants to insert yourself into the battle. Together we'll make a plan on this thread.


Key Points from intel gathered:

- Enemy Air force is operating su27 su25 and maybe helicopters

- Front Line of tanks are strong

- Northern area is weak

- Friendly AWACS will be airborne at 1130UTC

- We are expecting the Russians to assault our front lines aggressively again

- Enemy Artillery is a priority target

- Shilkas will be advancing towards our front lines attempting to gain air superiority for their tank advance

- IR AA will be covering their flanks



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To make an example of encouraging a plan we form together, I'll start the ball rolling, initially I'll do a SEAD run in an A10C, aiming to knock out shilka's and any other anti air threat, then i'll head home and pick up a CAS loadout. see picture for my route exposing the northern weakness. I'll need some escort in the form of a fighter if anybody's game?



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Hmm could probably support in A-10A or a SLUF if you add a A-7E as client :D (not up to scratch in C for bomb runs)

or bomb runs (mk82's) in the L-39 / F86 / Hawk / MiG-29


or top cover in F-15 / F-14 broken mod in 1.5 :((

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okay so to update the plan of attack, oh and by the way feel free to post any ideas/diagrams or just even what you want to fly

PART 1 (figure 1.1)
I'll be leading a SEAD flight to knock out AA and AAA armed to the teeth with mavericks, meanwhile my flight will be escorted by frozt and dingo (probably F15s), Manoeuvring from north to south holding at some northern location first (I'll designate that as IP FORD later). Sweeping south to clear any anti air threats and to land back at base to switch to a CAS load out or switching to a KA50 (situation dependant)

PART 2 (figure 2.0)
Meanwhile, fuel forgiving hopefully our fighter cover has a chance to re-arm/re-fit one at a time while we build our defence and also hopefully we get a flight to knock out the artillery at the rear of their lines.

Figure 1.1

Figure 2.0

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For anyone that wants it here's the mission(s) in Tac View (it's a merged file including all the restarts) :D

It looks awesome



Flight track:



^^ Might be bugged try these single flights instead




Get TacView Here: http://tacview.strasoftware.com/product/about/en/

It's fairly cheap and on sale at the moment, it is however also free, you get a 30 trial of the home version, after that it's free forever with basic option but still very useable for flight analisys



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