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EU#3 Maintenance downtime --> DONE EU3 = back ONLINE


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Tomorrow -7July




From +/- 17:00 UTC onwards

To +/- 21:00 UTC approx



Periods of total downtime and on\off flapping



During above mentioned time-frame the EU3 setup will be overhauled and the restarter script will be re-written. Expect no usable server uptime during Europe prime-time for the entire evening. The server should however be back online to support the other regions.


We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this planned outage.



Your ICT Admin

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And after some additional down-time this morning this is now really finished.


The new restarter is up and running, and EU3 should be using TADST profiles for it's difficulty settings. 


Additionally it is build in such a way that we can make changes to the settings, without the need to immediately restart the servers


Let me know how this works for you all !

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Just from what I can tell from playing yesterday;
- Server is working fine, there doesn't seem to be any major lag or issues

- FPS seems to have increased slightly for everybody; not sure how you accomplished this, but thanks anyways

- AI is a lot harder to fight, which I like - BTRs will actually roll up on you and fire rounds behind you if you are behind cover so the blast will kill you etc.


Only problem I'm encountering so far is that ambient AI makes it almost impossible to do the "destroy convoy" mission, as they just keep spawning within 20 meters around you from your ambush position or LZ // it seems to happen more in somewhat urban areas.



Haven't had a chance to see the restarter in action yet.


Anyhow; thanks for the effort. Hope to see you test out your good work for yourself sometime :-)



EDIT: I've been trying to connect to the server for about 20 minutes now. It won't go past the map screen and seems to be stuck on creating, not sure if this was caused by the restarter, but it might be worth looking into.

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