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entering blackhawk chrashes my game

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anyone else having this problem, arma 3 chrashes evertime i enter the pilot seat of the blackhawk...tested the other birds and no problems there..this happened after the removal of the kimi HMDs mod for me..just thought i'd air it and see if anyone else have had this problem and(or) if someone has a solution for it, because it sucks if im a pilot and cant fly the bird dearest to me..:(

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Why doesn't this suprise me?


Oh yeah, maybe because all other US vehicles are just not that good, most of the time buggy and a pain in the ass to operate. I.E. tank/car physics, blackhawk pilot door staying open, tank gunner view staying zoomed in in all zoom levels and ground vehicles not giving a sh*t when you blow up 3 satchels next to them. Wich is a shame 'cause I want to like RHS.




But that aside, I guess it will get fixed in the next update, wich should come out not that soonTM. And Rave also expierienced the problem today.



Srry for the rant btw, I know you guys can do anything to fix it, but I'm just so annoyed by RHS and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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wow wow wow..ok guys..i was just wondering if it had anything to do with the removal of said hmds mod or if there was something i could do to fix it..but if it will be fixed in the next update (hopefully) as you said i'm fine with that. I never meant for this to come out as a "rant" post...:(

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That doesn't explain it since it is so inconsistent.Sometimes it happens sometimes not, if it was something to do with the model or something wrong with the mod it would happen constantly. 

It has to be something to do with the mods interaction with other mods or maybe a completely different problem all together. Usually a certain set of circumstances have to be met to create a crash... But I have yet to identify them.... :( 

Maybe someone can try and create those circumstances and see if we can identify it. 

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Works fine to enter a single blackhawk in the editor on cherno summer, also kimis hmd has no config entry for the rhs vehicles as the hmd mod only adds/changes stuff with the original helicopters. I will run some diagnostics on the eu#3 mission file before gaemnight too see if kimis suddenly decided to do a mission.sqm invade tho the mod itself is said to be client side only

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