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My POV on tonights gamenight

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I just wanted to write this topic to clear a couple of things up. I got accused of consciously exploiting glitches in the match after this Saturday's game-night and want to share my point of view.



We were defending a hostage inside a building on the United Sahrani map. Four of us were on the ground floor to cover the staircase. Two on the stairs, one behind the door (Riggs) and myself beneath the stairs. I chose this position because there was a lot of cover and I might not be recognized at first glance because no one would expect someone beneath them.


After Riggs killed the first spec op entering the building I became more alert and rested my weapon on the floor to be more steady. I killed two hostiles in the main hall, the third one hit me in the arm. I bandaged myself and not until the animation moved my camera below the floor I realized you could actually see through it. This however only works if you ADS as far down as possible. I then laid on the side so I am even less exposed to enemy fire, but realized this would also drop me below the floor, so I quickly went back to the normal prone stance as it was obscuring my view of the door, which I wanted to cover.


I got blinded by a flash bang shortly after and crawled to the corner of the stairs. When my vision reappeared again, I saw someone standing in front of me, who then shot me.


I then got accused of exploiting glitches and being a "stupid liar" claiming I was not, as I didn't even know what everyone was talking about.



This is exactly the position I was in for 99% of the round (not with the same weapon though), only moving left a little for reloading or patching myself up.



Hoax made this screenshot, proving that it was possible to see through the floor. I'm not saying that's wrong, I'm just saying I did not consciously do this.


Also it was said, that someone spectated me doing this. I'd like to know in which situation I was in at that time. Because as stated earlier, the only times I was below the floor were while I was patching myself up and lying on the side for a second.


Think about it: Would I really bother defending and explaining myself on teamspeak, on Steam and by writing this thread if I consciously exploited a glitch? I don't want to be falsely accused of something I didn't even know of in the first place. This community is what I was looking for for a long time, with a great modded server and fun Saturday game-nights. I want to stay here and participate in more ops, but don't want being a glitch-exploiter to be the first impression of myself for some.


Also, what would be the point of seeing the enemies? I was only aiming through a narrow door and had ~5° of moving my weapon left and right. It would have been of absolutely no benefit more me if I knew where hostiles were.

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Fair do, makes sense. But from our perspective we could not see you even when you were shooting at us. I know this because after you killed the other 2 guys in the squad I was in I knew where you were, so I flashed and went in to see nothing under the stairs, thinking it was clear I moved in to be killed. So we defiantly couldnt see you either way. But I believe you im just saying. For us we couldnt see shit. 

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While making the screenshot I uploaded on Steam I also realized my body was almost halfways submerged in the ground, so apparently the whole floor didn't have a collision box. I only realized this by entering the 3rd person perspective, which was disabled on EU#3 at that time. If I had seen that, I wouldn't have picked this spot.

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I know I had fun - shame 2 stranded gunmen died. 1 in the AO and 1 got ran over as we got into the FOB, as he jumped out early - no one will be named COUGHBACON COUGH. I had fun though, could have done with more enemies, maybe some more enemy vehicles.

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