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AW End of the year awards results!


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//AHOYWORLD end of the year awards!


Thanks everybody for voting! 


And the winners are:



It was a close battle between "The deck" and the "Arma channels" but we have a clear winner with 43% of the votes.

AW Best teamspeak channel: The deck


The best game we host is....

AW best game: ArmA 3


It seems you guys like modded allot because

Best ArmA server : EU3


AW most friendly admin 2014: Danny


AW most helpful admin 2014: Kamaradski


AW most effective admin 2014: Mykeyrm with an amazing 127 bans


AW most tactical ARMA player 2014: Christiansen


AW best ARMA pilot 2014: Hoax 


AW best Teamspeak singer 2014: Zissou


AW most funny person on Teamspeak 2014: No clear winner guess we are not so funny :ph34r:


AW forums best day: 190 people online at the same time 30 august 2014, still not sure what happened that day


AW most liked post 2014: http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3196-how-to-report-disruptive-behaviour-on-our-servers-and-make-your-and-our-admins-life-better/?hl=%2Bsummer+%2Bholidays


AW best ban reason 2014: Revealing Server Password (it was Razgriz33) by typing "login adminpass" in side chat in a full server.


AW most password giveaway fail: Razzgriz33 revealed the password 5 times on twitch and 2 times in chat on a full server.


Ban statistics 2014... so think twice next time you teamkil  -_-







I'm off for a 2 week trip now so I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year and hope to see you guys next year on AhoyWorld!




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