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Player deaths

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Hopefully a really quick one and im gonna guess this happens due to some need for spawn scripts or something but...


Why is it when someone dies the bodies are animated dying twice at the death point and also once back at base. An example of what i observe is:


a player is killed, his body hits the floor gear isnt dumped

it then animates a second time, dropping to the floor again, gear is this time dumped

at the same time back at the base a player can be seen dying at the spawn point.


Now as i said im guessing this is needed for something it just struck me as odd and I dont remember it ever doing it before (a few months ago anyway)

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Ok, so what happens when you die:

You are detected as dead and your dead body is moved (i think to 0,0,0) at the same time your new body is then moved from it's respawn marker, animated into an injured state then transported back to the place you died. I'm not entirely sure where gear comes into play but it is saved under certain circumstances. I'm unsure how it's currently set however in the past we have set it to every time you change animation state (running, stopping, crouching) without frame drop on the server (as it is the client who is remembering what he had, NOT the server)


I hope this helps, and is still accurate since i last checked the system

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ah makes some sense i suppose, just to add the teleporting back for the injured body happens before hes down on the ground hence the double death. Not major just something i spotted while afk'ing in base (a heli exploded outside and like 10 bodies appeared infront of me). Was just curious.

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