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Yes people get ridiculed for them being a bit cheaty but their in the game and some people use them, however thats not the issue. The issue is the time of year the server is currently set to, for some reason having the month set to (ive tested this) January means you cant see anything in any thermal view bar the target, i.e no terrain shows so you either get full black screen or full orange screen, setting to Jun/July ish time fixes this random issue. Now someone may try to explain some real life reasoning for this but for the sake of a setting on the server and getting people back to being able to use all scopes in the mission can we just have it set to a non dodgy month plz.

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Do you use thermal sights?

sometimes depends how i feel, if im in a dont really want to think mode then yep, other times maybe not. This isnt for me, just seeing a lot of people complaining about it and I just happen to know what causes it.

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Thermals are completely OP, but real world explanation:

1. Intensifier tube too cold and tube cooling results in less of a ΔT thereby reducing its efficacy.

2. NATO bought them from this guy http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22267468

3. Sick of being shot at altis itself has become self aware and taken measures to protect itself.

4. BIS

now that may not be particularly helpful but they can still be useful for indicating potential targets then switch mode and confirm valid target. The added benefit of this is it also obfuscates the 'sorry thermal' tk excuse.

There seems to be a general trend in our community to always want to make it easier, too many ai and zeus is immediately blamed, when the opness of certain items becomes apparent and they're removed we're accused of taking toys away.

I&A should not be easy, a main ao should not be completed by a mohawk full of people in ten minutes and dynamic changes should be tackled rather than moaned about. Every time there are any changes unless they make the mission easier we just get complaints.

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I kind of knew i would get this response and i dont have anything prepared in rebuttal...

What i will day is, Yes they are op, but this is based on what i see our community talking about while playing on your servers. I even know of one person who is trying to find somewhere else to play due to a few reasons one of which being the lack of thermals, he just plays that way and likes using them. Personally im not too bothered and am happy to play with iron sites.

If any of you have played the game with me in my squad (and most of you have) youll know i like a challenge and try to play in a way thats challenging but fun to my squad mates. This request is born out of frustration but not of the missing op weapon accessory but of watching people leave the server and seeing it descend back into the constant churn of new users that seems to be happening again. 3 nights in a row now ive cut my aw arma3 gaming short due to very few people willing to squad and just going ham and lobbing rockets into bunches of troops, ruining any planning and forethought by me a squad lead. Granted that isnt going to change, its a public server but keeping dedicated users coming back makes this server what it should be, i may be having a bad patch but from my recent experience the churn is in full effect.

1st rule of bravo squad






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To not address the politics (as it is this simple, if we didn't want them in, we would remove them, just like we do with mortar bags and limiting classes)


I will instead address the mechanics


ALL I&A releases as of current are set to july, this has been the case dating as far back on my records (28th April 2013)


Try again sir! ;-)


could you perhaps posts some screenshots so I know exactly what you mean?

We will fix it together <3



EDIT: whoops, just got in touch with an admin, he changed the month for weather testing purposes, and that is limited to an _c version


The issue is the time of year the server is currently set to, for some reason having the month set to (ive tested this) January means you cant see anything ...can we just have it set to a non dodgy month plz.
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Raz just jump in the editor and test it youll see it instantly, no terrain def at all in jan.

But....it seemed ok the other night when playing so im guessing you guys flipped the month back.

As stated wasnt trying to cause bother just making people aware of what the user base is talking about...that isnt the stamina system ;)

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Speaking of that. You guys got a christmas plan for the server? Snow textures on vics, santa hats etc...do like planetside did and add snowmen all over the map to find, oh and make ALL helis play mariah at all times....wont be annoying at all. :)

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