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Vietnam master pilot reporting for duty


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After 800 hours of flying on Ahoy World servers I think it's time I dropped by and say "Hello!"


So.. Hi there!

And also thanks for the wonderful gamemode and server. If you guys go down or I get banned it's probably the end of ArmA 3 for me! I simply cannot play on other servers any more. So keep up the good work.. and raz, try to watch your fire. Not a day goes by without you teamkilling some poor souls!


Yours sincerely,

that guy who always mic spams the beach boys and lands you safely in the AO. 100% customer satisfaction.

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Seb great to have you with us!


A regular I'm glad we've finally captured. You've been playing on ours for ages, since alpha maybe? you're #130 on my DaRT Database


Did you hear about my latest genocide? just hours ago it was! I wanted to blow up (delete) a unit and the code i executed was: [vehicle player] setdamage 1;

Now that would be fine when executed just on my pc....buutttt i accidentally executed that on EVERYBODY'S PC! so anybody in a vehicle in the server was blown up instantly. the killl feed went mental and so did my face.


Again welcome aboard. :)

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Yeah I found your servers fairly soon in the Alpha and never left. So many fond memories of Stratis, I certainly miss Rogain and Kamino Firing Range!

Haha that sounds like a typical Raz move! Should have been there!  :D


Anyways glad to be here guys!

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