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Task Force Aegis - Gentle Touch 07/09/2021


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Mission Name:

Task Force Aegis – Gentle Touch

Server Details:


Port: 2302

Mods required:

AWE Aegis-456+.html


TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length


Player Slots: 25


·         Central // 3 man command element

·         Alpha // 6 man infantry squad with MK6 mortar + mortar computer

·         Bravo // 6 man infantry squad with Heavy gunner

·         Siegfried // 2 man bobcat crew


·         Vermeer & Rembrandt // 4 man IDAP EOD teams

Player slots may change depending on interested from community.


Mission failed, We’ll get them next time. Despite the failure to rescue private Rollins, or ability to clear a number of mines inside the town itself, we succeeded in clearing the heavy FIA presence inside Abdera.

Considering the intensity of the fighting it is logical for the mines not to have been cleared. Along with a number of wrecks some clean-up will be required.

While back at base IDAP has mapped the approximate location of mines and explosives around Abdera. They have also reported FIA presence in the hills to the east observing their activity.

We are headed back to Abdera to provide help to IDAP in the form of a demining vehicle while the majority of our infantry element heads into the hills to clear out any FIA presence there so that they will not attempt to push back into Abdera.

Odds are there still are mine & UXO fields that have not been spotted yet. german teams will need to look out for these and call them in towards IDAP.



·         CRV-6 Bobcat Combat Recovery Vehicle

·         IFV-6C Panther APC

·         A collection of wheeled transport vehicles

·         Demining drones


Friendly Forces:

AAF // Still angry at us

IDAP // humanitarian aid group

ION // PMC tasked with protecting IDAP


Enemy Forces:

FIA insurgents



Abdera is a civilian centre heavily impacted by the civil war. After the fighting most locals have taken refuge in Galati until the mines are gone and safety has returned. At this point only a number of key figures from Abdera are still present. This includes the local priest, The pharmacist, local doctor, and Farmer Miltadies who found some of our (cooked) bananas and has spent a day gathering them around our UGV wrecks. He’s still busy.

The local doctor has offered his service in the event of medical attention is necessary.



Infantry Element

Find and eliminate FIA activity east of Abdera

Keep an eye out for potiential mine & UXO fields

IDAP & Siegfried

Clear mines around Abdera

Once Abdera is clear be ready to clear other mined areas



At commander’s discretion

Movement Plan:

At commander’s discretion

Rules of engagement:

At commander’s discretion


Further (fun) Reading





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OOOOOFFFF I was gunna suggest you take a Mortar team and some Heavy Gunners out into the East. It's great open range combat out there. It's like you read my mind.


Definitely tempted to do that but also really tempted to do some of the more lore base roleplay stuff at Abdera as IDAP or Siegfried.

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