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War for Altis - Act 3 Mission 7 Modded Zeus Ops 12.07.20 @ 16:30 UTC


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16:30 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)

Act 3 - Weather the storm

Part 7






            As the medicane finally passes, the Altians realise that somehow the Russian forces suffered casualties nobody expected. The Altian HQ is unaware of the details of successful sabotage by NATO remnants on Malden, who managed to interrupt the testing of experimental cruise missile system and use the enemy's own weapon against them. They are, however, certainly aware of its results on Altis and the opportunities it opens. The Russians are definitely not out of the picture, and their force remains formidable, as not all major installations were hit and the fire wasn't very precise. They will however need to react to this unexpected setback, they will need to move their forces, adjust their plans, rebuild their positions.

            With Russians having to give up some of the gained terrain to reconsolidate their forces, an opportunity arises to break the encirclement of Pyrgos and save the city - or at the very least the brave soldiers trapped within.

















The Assets

Player faction: Altian armed forces

Player slots: 30

- PLATCO - 4 man command element + BRDM-2UM command vehicle

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each

- Vortex - 2-man helicopter pilot team (pilot and co-pilot)

- Ares - 3-man tank crew


- 1xM1A1

- 1x captured T-72B3 (captured from the Russians during fights near Molos)





- Mi-8 and UH-60 transport helicopters



- 1x BTR-70

- 1x MT-LB

- Various wheeled support vehicles




The mission

Break the encirclement of Pyrgos and aid the friendly troops holding the city.

The modset:

 For your convenience, here's the modlist:

War For Altis act3.html 10.39 kB · 30 downloads



For anyone unfamiliar with ACE who wishes to join, I recommend you check out the ACE basic handbook:




Hope to see you there!

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