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I&A4 Armor for "non-armor-devision" infantry



While testing the newest I&A4 Beta version Weston, Ryko and myself talked about being able to have access to armor even when not playing as a designated armor devision. Ryko's main concern was the fact that it would be possible that 20+ tanks would swarm the AO and therefor ruin the game for the infantry. So he would have to adjust the AOs depending on the amount of friendly armor present on the server. My idea was to be able to purchase the armor without being in an armor devision but making the vehicles way more expensive than they would be if you were in the armor devision. By doing so the possibility of 20+ tanks on the server would be reduced. The next idea was to only get access to the AMV-7 Marshall and no MBTs at all. Which would be fair since there are squads designed to use MBTs.(Only AMV-7 Marshall as NATO bec. of faction)

This however is just a thought to allow the players to play in their own style and not being forced into a specific playstyle just because there are no more slots free in the armor devisions. Its not a perfect solution and I'm aware of that but its still worth a thought.

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Please don't limit armor only to AMV-7 Marshall. Allow all armor on I&A4 but make armor more expensive, (i don't know how many is currently armor squads on I&A4) reduce the nubmer of armor squad's and make rule that is crew required to operate a armor.


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