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DCS: UH1 Huey Released


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I can officially announce: The Huey is a death trap.


Anybody that thinks they can fly on ARMA i challenge you to this sim.

It will test your nerve

It will test your concentration

It will test your coordination

...and it will test your patience ;)


come and have a go if you think your hard enough

if i get fraps running i will post a video on this

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I completely agree with this. Hovering in Ground Effect will take all of your efforts just to keep the tail rotor from hitting the ground. Even people who can fly the Blackshark competently will struggle at first with this sim. I've flown it for about 2 hours this evening and the progression isn't too bad. It will kill you at first but when you start getting the hang of it you will soon be able to get off the ground without killing yourself. Then you just have a couple more hours to try and fly straight and level. It's similar to the Mustang in that it is not forgiving at all.


Apart from the absolutely killer flight dynamics, the visuals are amazing as usual with DCS. Also I'm really looking forward to flying multiplayer with a co-pilot controlling the weapons and 2 door gunners to give those VC Charlies some lead! (O wait, this ain't Vietnam...) Give me a couple of weeks with this baby and Ride of the Valkyries on repeat and hopefully I should be flying this reasonably well.

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