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HMDs mod



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From the BI thread:


You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only.
You may not use this add-on (nor any of its parts) in any other add-on or mod (not even partially) nor redistribute or
mirror it without Kimi_uy's prior permission and agreement.

Meaning it could not be put in the repo.  


Haven't checked yet if it's a client-side mod or if it requires everyone to have it.  And can't really test as I have an exam tomorrow :)

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I don't really see the need for this mod (apart from the Pawnee), but the licence merely states that you need the creator's permission to use it. Now I don't know about real mod makers, but if I made a mod, I would want people to use it, and if one of the bigger Arma 3 multiplayer projects came around asking if they can use my stuff I'd be more than happy to let them...

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