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Ahoyworld #4 EU Tanoa server bug


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Was just playing tonight on here and it's been a recurring problem


when we try to respawn we respawn to base and cannot move or chat 


so we have to abort leave server which brings us to a BIG mission failed scene to sign in again in same slot or other role


will there be any fix in future ?

as its very annoying especially with the cool new respawn tents 

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That's related with the revive system that we currently use, issue is known but a fix has been hard to find.
When that happens just return to the lobby and relog, you don't need to leave the slot or anything.


And I'm pretty sure those tents aren't supposed to be used :)

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12 minutes ago, GhostFace said:

i thought tents were a new feature , there cool anyway makes 1 player bareable , as its always too hard to travel back & forth to ao

If we let everyone place their own respawn tents then there wont be use for pilots anymore, taking away the immersion as everyone would simply spawn on their own tents rendering the pilots useless hence the tents will be disabled for I&A. Pilot insertions are much more fun and cooler than simply spawning in a tent you placed down somewhere close to the AO, this is no Battlefield we're playing here. :P

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