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Grüezi zämme (that's swissgerman)


I am new on this forum, it's definitively an interestin place to be in, if there are any unwritten rules let me know.
I like Working out, playing the guitar drawing and sports in general.

I especially like my pink fluffy unicorn flip-flops. They look cozier than a polarbearbaby in a tracksuit. But really it's a painus in the ainus to walk without them.


Music I recommend:





Did I forget to mention I like sports?

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Hi Ackuades,


welcome to AW! If you have any questions feel free to ask and most important: enjoy playing and stick to the rules :)

And don't worry there are no unwritten rules.:) But in case you are looking for the server-rules:

the I&A rules can be found here: 

and the AWE rules can be found here: 



Best regards

Noah_Hero :)


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