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Since the Teamspeak was "destroyed" it is again possible to speak inside the TFAR Channel with voice activation and instead of having to use ptt (same goes btw for the two custom TFAR Channels and the MSO TFAR Channel).

Is this now intended or is the channel now just again not setted up correctly? Especially asking you @Colsta and @GhostDragon since we already talked about this bug earlier in 2017 and so you know what I mean.

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9 hours ago, Noah_Hero said:


And maybe brief Admins/Moderators on how things like this are intended to work because yesterday all of the Admins/Moderators on AWE thought that the voice activation in our TFAR Channels was intended.:lol::o

I was on the server and did not think it was intended. :)

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8 minutes ago, Fabs said:

I was on the server and did not think it was intended. :)

Then raise your voice next time to clarify it for the others.;)


Just now, Colsta said:

I doubt anyone on the team thought it was intended to be incorrect. Just not something that's immediately noticeable.

Well as we talked about this yesterday in the channel I think no one expect me said that voice activation is not intended but all people involved into the discussion and also Moderator/Admin were telling me that this ptt concept is no longer active and that even for a longer time period now...:lol: So there are definitly also people on your team who didn´t knew this wasn´t intended.;)

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