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Arma bundle on Humble Bundle


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Humble Bundle usually has a lot of sales, but I believe companies participate mostly for publicity. Usually the games there are sold dirt cheap. Plus it helps charity. You get to choose how much goes to charity, and how much goes to the devs. When there's multiple companies, you decide how much each dev gets.

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47 minutes ago, Colsta said:

It's the lowest Arma 3 has ever been, IIRC. And it includes all past Arma games too.


If you want or need the old ones yes its a bargain, but in the last steam sale Arma 3 was £15 with all dlc (except Apex).


Now this is $15 (or apporx £12) so yes cheaper but you dont get Helicopters or Marksman DLC which will set you back another £15.


It is a good deal for right now, but Steam sales are cheaper.

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