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Making sheds in base indestructible



So i was eating dinner whilst looking at I&A 3.1 in the editor.  And i remembered that the shed at base where the hunters spawn was broken the very first time the i joined the server (EU1) after I&A 3.1 went live.  So i decided to search for a way to fix that.  Here it is:



Script to remove mapobjects.  Intended to be used in the initServer.sqf for MP mission and the init.sqf for SP missions.  

Author: Ahoyworld community
{hideObjectGlobal _x} foreach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos "marker_deleteBuilding1"),[],5]; 



/*I tried making it with an array to be able to put multiple marker names in it but couldn't get it to work, maybe someone else can?*/


As it says, this script (well it's actually a single line of code but still) deletes all mapobject within 5 meters of a certain marker.


So if you place a marker on top of for example one of those sheds at base it'll be gone when the server starts.  After this one can place the same shed down in the eden editor and disable damage on it.  This way the base will always look the same and the hunters won't spawn on top of the ruins of the shed if it gets destroyed.


And again, it is of course up to whoever it's up to whether to implement it or not.  I'm just sharing it so that everyone can use it.

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It only hides the map object, so its technically still there. I tried this yesterday and when i lightning bolted the empty ground, the rubble came back and there was an issue again. Dont think there is a work around this :( 

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If you want to recreate the problem just run I&A on a private server and lightningbolt one of the hunters.  They will all blow up causing the shed to get destroyed.  When they respawn they'll all be on top of the ruins of the shed. (Or do it right before a server restart or something like that)



Chuck according to this BI page it should disable collision, maybe it's bugged with the lighting bolts?


Another edit:

I tried it myself and you can shoot, run drive through it but when you lightning bolt it, it indeed displays wreckage.  I tried moving the script to the onplayerrespawn but that didn't work.  

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